This episode we have Jordy Vonk joining us, currently one of the best windsurfers in the world! He gives us some insight into the recently held One Hour Classic event in Lake Garda. We also chat about his personal life and the 2020 season which has been quite different than usual due to the pandemic!

July 29, 2020

Croatia PWA

Just a quick catch up about the PWA qualifier event that Kacper attended in Croatia last week.

So is windsurfing an extreme sport? Yes or No? Maybe it can be both? This is a short podcast where we discuss this across the different disciplines, with some of our personal experience and also mention some drastic incidents from the Pro Tour.

Part 2 of our chat with professional windsurfer and sail designer, John Skye. This time we talk about some unique RRD designs, such as the compact sail series, about the new sport of winging and to finish off, John shares some advice on how to increase your speeds, especially for lighter sailors.

We're back with another exciting episode, featuring professional windsurfer and sail designer, John Skye! Some incredibly interesting insights into how his career developed, the RRD team, future plans and more! We had so much to talk about that we have decided to split this into 2 episodes! Enjoy and stay tuned for part 2!

April 22, 2020

Some Big Changes

Sorry for taking so long again! There has been quite a bit going on. So a few quite important updates, such as James is moving abroad! And of course we also talk about whats going on in the windsurfing world at the moment.

We start off with a quick catch up and tell you how our journey back to the UK went. Then we talk about the potential effect of the covid pandemic on windsurfing brands, riders and organisations.


March 28, 2020

Time to leave Tarifa

Just a short update on our situation and the content we will be making from this point on.

The title says it all! These are 20 quick easy tips any windsurfer can easily apply to their gybes, waterstarts, launching in shorebreak and more!

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Will Antoine get 65.5 Knots? What is the future of this podcast? What's going on with the Olympics? Today we cover all that and more!

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